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Aerial Reconnaissance:

Paintball hurts less than you think it will, like getting your first haircut. Stacked logs, stumps, and tangled thickets make good hiding spots - or are they obstacles? Clad in camouflage and goggles, players will navigate that question while stalking the woods at The Paintball Asylum. Grasp paintball guns during color-splattering rounds of the game, which resembles a grittier Capture the Flag.

The Paintball Asylum is located at the base of Camelback Mtn. Resort in Tannersville, Pa. We play on thirty acres of wooden terrain with eight different fields!

Everyone from ten years old to one hundred is welcome to play, we have all the gear you need in our on site fully stocked pro-shop.

Thinking of something different to do? paintball is perfect for birthday parties, bachelor parties and corporate team building events. Contact us today to reserve your group! 570-629-3852.

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Paintball reservations are highly recommended and a necessity if you want to be guaranteed play. We do our best to accommodate last minute add-ons or walk-ons but cannot guarantee play or equipment unless you have reservations.

We recommend making paintball reservations a week or two prior to your trip date, earlier if possible. We will however accept paintball reservations up until the day of ... as long as there is still availability.