Things To Do In The Poconos This Weekend

Looking For Things To Do In The Poconos? Come To The
Paintball Asylum This Weekend!

After a long week of hard work, you’re probably wondering what to do with your free time this weekend. And when that happens, two situations commonly arise: you have too many or too few ideas. Well, that problem is solved because with The Paintball Asylum you won’t have to worry any longer about looking for things to do in the Poconos this weekend. We’ve got you covered!

Suit up for an unforgettable day of excitement and adrenaline filled action with the stunning Poconos as your backdrop. Gather your friends and prepare for battle at the ultimate paintball venue, equipped with the latest generation of hardware and the largest selection of fields and gamestyles. Two things are for certain: you won’t want to leave and you’ll never wonder what to do over the weekend again.

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Super Value Combination Package
For The Win!

If a full day of paintball is not what you’re looking for when browsing for things to do in the Poconos this weekend, then maybe our super value combination package is what you need. Take a look at what’s included:

  • Admission to the 30 Acre Paintball Asylum
  • Paintball Gun Rental
  • Goggles Rental
  • Pack and Pods Rental
  • Camouflage jumpsuit Rental
  • 500 paintballs!
  • Professional Referees
  • Unlimited compressed air
  • Canoe, Kayak, or Raft Rental
  • Paddles Rental
  • Life Jackets
  • Orientation
  • Shuttles to/from the river from Delaware Water Gap base
  • Free parking!

The #1 Adventure Complex In The Poconos Is Waiting
For You


At The Paintball Asylum we’re proud to offer the single most complete adventure complex in the Pocono Mountains area. We’ve got everything from high octane casual and competitive paintball, rafting and canoeing, skiing and snowboarding during the winter season as well as fishing at Angler’s Cove. Searching for things to do in the Poconos this weekend? Wonder no more! The Paintball Asylum is here to save the day.

With one of the largest grounds in the business, sought after by both professionals and amateurs, we’re proud to say that we’re the go to option for anyone wanting to have a blast with their friends or beat out their opponents in a competitive game. Safety and quality are two of our main standards. We’ll provide you with the best gear, pro tips and safety instructors to ensure an unforgettable day.


Gather your friends and prepare for a one way ticket to a unique paintball
weekend in the Poconos


Our enormous campus offers a wide array of possibilities for you and your friends to choose from depending on your playstyle and intentions. From small to large fields with obstacles or without for competitive or casual games, the choice is yours! Take a look at the different alternatives we have to offer:

  • Speedball: Competitive, fast paced and high energy!
  • Hostile Takeover: A large field featuring a central stream that divides high and low ground. Teams must coordinate a plan to take advantage of sandbag bunkers and mini forts.
  • Teepee Town: Coming soon!
  • The Asylum: Gather your team and prepare to defend against attackers in colonial style forts. This fast paced field will have your team fighting till the last player is left standing.
  • Boomerang: The biggest field featured at the Paintball Asylum. Flanking maneuvers are key to overcome your opponents.
  • The Eliminator: Diverse terrain and a variety of bunkers, bridges and paths that challenge your game plan as you seek to eliminate the opposing team.
  • Dead Man's Alley: A narrow battlefield stacked with a variety of large bunkers to take cover behind. Lay down and cover your teammates so they advance towards the opposition.
  • Run Flat: Close quarters combat! Battle for possession of the center flag or seek to eliminate your opponents on this fast paced field.

Group Benefits

If you're planning to make a reservation, consider texting everyone you know and start getting as many people on board as possible, because at The Paintball Asylum we offer great discount packages for large groups!

15-24 players on game day
• 1 Free Silver Package
• Private Field
• Private Referee

25-59 players on game day
• 1 Free Silver Package
• Private Field
• Private Referee
• 2000 Free paintballs

60 + players on game day
• 1 Free Silver package for every 20 players
• $5.00 off any package
• Private field
• Private Referee
• Use of picnic area and bonfire area

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