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Fun Things To Do In The Poconos

Are There Fun Things To Do In The Poconos Apart From Relaxing? Yep, The Paintball Asylum!

It’s well known that the Pocono Mountains are famous for their amazing natural landscape, rivers, lakes and picturesque backdrops. But, are there any action-packed activities to do in the Poconos? You bet! We’re the Paintball Asylum. Get ready for a high-octane day filled with adrenaline and excitement at the best adventure center around.

Gather your friends and family and replace relaxing sightseeing and walking with some healthy competition at our top-rated fields developed for both adults and kids, providing safe and risk-free action. Our professional staff will get you prepared for battle with gear, strategic thinking and an understanding of the game’s basics.

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Make sure you don’t miss out on a thrilling paintball experience. Enjoying the great outdoors has never been easier. We are in high demand, so plan your preemptive strike to ensure yourself the win and make reservations ahead of your visit.

Don’t Miss Out: Make A Reservation Now!
We recommend making your reservation with us one to two weeks before your visit to the Poconos. This will ensure that you and your party get the opportunity to experience one of our popular fields.

Check Out Our 8 Unique Fields
Paintball comes in many shapes and forms, and the beauty of coming to the best adventure center in the Poconos is the sheer number of fields and game styles that you can choose from. Both casual and competitive pro players come to the Paintball Asylum to have fun, practice and compete in high-speed tournaments.

Competitive-style Speedball, traditional-shaped Boomerang or the Eliminator, and even game modes like Hostile Takeover and our signature The Asylum will prove to be unique and unforgettable experiences.

Are you looking for a traditional paintball match? Are you a fan of more strategic play styles? Or do you want to have a fast-paced, direct encounter with tons of eliminations and ultra high-octane momentum? Take your pick!

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Battles & Paddles

We’re in the Poconos, so we can’t avoid taking advantage of the beautiful and one-of-a-kind landscape that this incredible place has to offer us day in and day out. Our Battles and Paddles package provides both the excitement of paintball and the adventure of canoeing, rafting or kayaking.

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Kids Friendly Paintball!
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Your kids can also have fun in the Poconos at the Paintball Asylum. We’ve partnered with Gotcha, producers and manufacturers of the ultra safe marker designed to be used by kids as young as 6 years old. These markers are designed for low impact shots in order for kids to safely take part in this unique and exciting sport. Our professional staff of instructors will go over the rules of the game and safety procedures to ensure that fun is had by all. Trust us, it will be a day they’ll never forget!